If you are interested in investing in the U.S. Real Estate market, do not limit yourself to the common states most tend to invest in, which are Arizona and Nevada.   There are so many good opportunities if you have the cash flow and at least a five year window before you want to sell the property.  Here is a list of the top 20 U.S. cities to invest in 2015/2016:

  1. Houston Texas. The Energy industry will continue to drive market growth and support real estate activity.  There is strong demand within the Industrial, multifamily, office, retail and hotel sectors.
  2. Austin Texas. Although not a distribution hub, still a strong market due to low cost of doing business in this city which attracts labor and thus strengthens housing demand.  This city is very popular among the 30-40 year old crowd. Due to strength of local economy, there is a lot of investment capital flowing into Austin’s industrial sector.
  3. San Francisco California. Strong local economy along with high international travel makes this city a strong investment for hotel development.  Single and multifamily homes are still in high demand, which continues to keep prices extremely high.
  4. Denver Colorado. Strong technology and energy sector.  Popular market for 30-40 year olds.
  5. Dallas/Fort Worth. Good economic diversity in this city. Strong job growth, low business costs and low cost of living should continue to make this market attractive to investors.
  6. Los Angeles California. Major market that offers high liquidity.  Diverse economy with the main port of entry into the U.S for Asian goods.  High housing costs for single family homes continue to make multifamily investment a strong bet.
  7. Charlotte North Carolina. Area is benefitting from strong job market creation of companies servicing the financial services industry.  Area offers low cost of doing business and is appealing to the 30-40 year old crowd.  Single family housing demand is still strong, but trend is more urban demand which makes the multifamily investment attractive.
  8. Seattle Washington. Aggressive technology activity in downtown Seattle and highly skilled labor force is driving real estate demand upwards.  Popular with the 30-40 crowd.
  9. Boston Massachusetts. Higher education remains entrenched in this city which provides market with young and skilled labor.  Growing life sciences industry is adding to the boon.
  10. Raleigh/Durham North Carolina. Trending toward a more urban feel, due to good job growth and skilled labor force, the prospects are good for multifamily investment.  Single family homes are still relatively affordable as well.
  11. Atlanta Georgia. Large city, low business taxes, diverse economy and affordable housing.  This is a strong city to invest in.
  12. Orange County California. This region has bounced back from the subprime meltdown.  Market is appealing to institutional investor which is driving development in the region.  If you can find a nice deal on a multifamily rental, you will profit.
  13. Nashville Tennessee. Attracts young people and highly favored among the 30-40 year crowd due to its good educational system and hot entertainment district.  Low cost of business continues to boost local economy. Although most single family properties are locally owned, investor demand has increased and will continue to do so.
  14. Manhattan New York. The financial capital of the United States. Growing technology center.  This city is still the number one city where international capital pours in.  If you have very deep pockets, you can still find great deals and expect to make a lot of money as the demand for the city just continues to increase with no sign of let up.
  15. San Jose California. It is all about technology for this city, the driving force being mobile computing and social media.  Has a young highly skilled workforce.  Good investment opportunity would be in multifamily market of the urban center.  People are growing weary of the driving and traffic to get from the suburbs into downtown offices.  The need to make older office properties more modern and updated also has potential for good investment opportunities.
  16. Portland Oregon. Vibrant urban core that attracts the 30-40 year old crowd.  Diverse economy. Companies are looking to move to this city to tap into the skilled workforce.  Good bet for investment.
  17. Oakland/East Bay California. Lower cost of doing business then its neighbor San Francisco as well as lower housing costs will continue to attract people to this area.  If you find the right deal in the right part of town, you will make money.
  18. Chicago Illinois. One of the largest urban cores in the U.S. with a diverse economy which is experiencing resurgence in the manufacturing industry.  Multifamily units are a safer bet then single family.
  19. Miami Florida. The market has fully recovered from the housing bubble bust.   Construction industry is up and running again as foreign investment has stabilized the city.
  20. San Diego California. Smaller market but with a huge industrial base keeps this city popular.